Computer & Networking Services

Your business runs 365 days a year: your systems run 24/7; your data is needed in real-time. To ensure your business continuity is to proactively protect your system and data against disasters of all types.

Data is everywhere. Protecting it is everything.

protect your data
From virtual cloud data to physical endpoint files and the systems that process it all our total data protection makes your business invincible, secure, and instantly restorable at any time.

CCANS not only do we solve your problems we try to help you understand the issues on hand and simplify the solutions in a way you can understand. Helping you walk through the thinking process in this way will give you a better understanding of your overall options.

CCANS makes protecting your intellectual data is our number one priority. That?s why we have a variety of solutions to that protect your business data. Giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is covered from accidental damage, thief, natural, and man-made disasters.

IT Disasters are Costly

The cost of data breaches and data loss will top $2.1 trillion by 2019 as more data is digitized. The majority of these data breaches will come from existing network infrastructure and IT systems.

A data center outage cost about $8,851 per minute and can cause forfeited sales, lost data, damaged equipment, disrupted processes, legal or compliance liabilities, damaged client relationships and reputation, and wasted resources controlling the damage.

Our Services Include:

Virus Removal

Signs you might need computer virus removal:

Computer getting slow and sluggish, new toolbar in your browser that won?t go away, computer takes longer than usual to complete tasks, computer crashes, pop-up ads occur even when you?re not on the Internet, your homepage suddenly changes, computer freezes while booting or takes along time to boot, background changes and won?t change back.

Custom Built PC

Need a custom built computer, we can help. Why pay for more than you use, build a system to meet your needs which will cut your cost. We specialize in re-certified used systems and customize to your needs.

Other Services

  • Safely remove a virus or spyware without affecting your valuable data
  • Keep your important files protected from future damage
  • Check your security to make sure only you have access to your data
  • Secure your computers from intruders
  • Home and Office Networking
  • Configure wireless and firewall network protection
  • Clean spyware and lessen the risk of future attacks
  • Windows Upgrades
  • Wireless router installation, configurations and signal boosting
  • And much more!

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